Chrome Gmail Extension for Mothernode CRM

Get Mothernode CRM features and information within your Gmail Account.



About the Chrome Extension for Mothernode CRM

Mothernode’s Chrome Extension is designed as a companion to Mothernode CRM users who typically rely on Gmail (via Chrome) for their email. The Extension gives users light CRM services pertaining to email and contacts without having to access their Mothernode account.


The Chrome Extension for Mothernode CRM connects your Gmail Account to your Mothernode account, giving you access to contact records, real-time notes and events, and additional functionality to create leads and cases from email and more.

Note: Using Outlook with your Gmail Account? Get the Outlook Add-on


  • Mothernode CRM Subscription
  • Google Chrome
  • Gmail Account
  • Admin access rights in Mothernode


Version: 0.0.8
Updated: February 18, 2019
Size: 369KiB



This Extension is a Mothernode CRM product. For support, click here.

What the Extension lets you do

After installing the Mothernode CRM Chrome Extension for Gmail, users can connect to their Mothernode CRM account via their Gmail account to view, add or modify information in their CRM.

  • Access Mothernode’s Gmail Contact Pane and accomplish the following:
    • View recent activity, notes and email, even activity recorded by other users
    • Post comments and notes or respond to users
    • Schedule appointments and quick follow-ups
    • View Contact information
    • Access contact’s social media accounts, including Linked-in and Twitter
    • Quick access to contact record in Mothernode (opens Mothernode)


  • Send email from Gmail and choose to archive them with relevant customers and contacts in Mothernode
  • Selectively archive inbound email from Gmail with one or more Mothernode contacts
  • Forward email from your inbox to Mothernode to create new Leads
  • Forward email from your inbox to Mothernode to create new Cases